A 70s Night with Brian Kirk and The Jirks
with Brian Kirk & The Jirks, Remember Jones
Rock | Pop R&B | Psychedelic Soul
Sat March 4, 2017 9:00 pm EST (Doors: 8:00 pm )

Formed in the early 1990s, Brian Kirk & The Jirks are one of the only bands in the East Coast circuit who can boast an impressive career spanning almost 2 decades!  The secret of this success lies within 2 basic characteristics: 1) an amazing roster of musicians and 2) Brian's ideals of having fun with the audience instead of performing to the audience.  As other bands come and go, Brian Kirk & The Jirks continually set the standard with tons of experience while thinking outside of the box.

Behind the flashing lights, photoshopped pictures, and fashion trends lies the foundation of live shows: good music.  This is where The Jirks shine.  Brian has enlisted an all star cast of musicians that play with maturity, originality, accuracy, and pure love of the art form.  Along with Brian is the incredible singing of David Pershan and Kristin Grassi, backed by thick vocal harmonies and multiple instrumentation including a 3 piece horn section.  BK&J have the ability to play an extremely diverse repertoire of songs complete with killer solos and great groove.  This allows the band to walk into virtually any situation and play what's needed, whether it be rock, funk, pop, hip hop, swing, jazz, oldies, or modern songs.  Whatever the style, Brian Kirk & The Jirks play it and play it well!

On top of this musical foundation is a weapon no one else has: Brian Kirk himself!  With his hilarious antics and infectious personality, Brian has been gaining fans for almost 20 years!  Constant audience interaction is what it's all about with him and this sets Brian apart from most front men.  Another unique technique he uses is not writing a set list.  Instead Brian calls songs based on the crowd in front of him and more importantly from requests he gets.  Fans are treated more like friends and not just spectators.  The audience is part of the show and this allows a stronger bond between the band and its fans.

The diversity, originality, and basic know how of such a seasoned band makes Brian Kirk & The Jirks the ideal band for clubs, weddings, corporate/private functions, or any other situation where you need a fun band to throw a great time!

Brian Kirk & The Jirks
Rock | Pop
Remember Jones
R&B | Psychedelic Soul

"...rock and roll power vocalist... sits somewhere in between Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens" - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly
"Soul sensation Remember Jones is an expert at making the past present, bringing history to life with soulful sound and funky fury." - Alex Biese, The Asbury Park Press
"...simply amazing..." - Rock Chicago Magazine
"...consistently entices..." - Chicago Reader
"...powerhouse soul singer..." - American Songwriter Magazine
"...the vocal love-child of Tom Jones and Patti LaBelle... Remember Jones is a gifted, talented, hard working, inspired powerhouse who always – every show I’ve seen him do - brings the audience to it’s feet with his intense, exhilarating performances. I’m not kidding. You wait and see." - Glen Burtnik, Billboard chart singer/songwriter, acclaimed musician