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Make our house your venue! We have hosted EP release shows, movie premiers, yoga classes, dance festivals, birthday parties, speaking engagements, beer/wine/liquor tastings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and much more. Whatever your event idea is, please contact us for more information:

Contact us for rentals and booking

For seated events, our capacity is 275. Thanks to fully retractable seating, you can host both an open floor and seated event within minutes. Additionally, we can place VIP tables closer to the stage for special guests.

When the seats are closed and you are ready to rock, House of Independents can hold 500 attendees. With bars located on both the upper and lower levels, your guests will have no problem getting a beverage. We stock premium liquor by companies such at MacAllan, Grey Goose, Angels Envy, Patron, Hendricks; bottled beer such as Miller Lite, Dogfish, Budweiser, Lagunitas, Yuengling, Pabst Blue Ribbon; and local draft brews from Asbury Park Brewery, Brooklyn, Carton, Dark City, Kane, Little Dog; plus, we can custom order something you may need for your event.


Stage is completely customizable in placement, width and depth.
Standard concert stage size: 16′ d x 28′ w x 36″ h
Stage is often at 20′ – 24′ of depth.
Full compliment of Wenger StageTek decks:
30 – 4’x8′ StageTek Deck
4 – 3’x8′ StageTek Deck
1 – 3’x5′ StageTek Deck
169 – 36″ leg
24 – 8″ leg
24 – 16″ leg
18 – 24″ leg
7 – Universal Deck & Rail Cart


JBL VerTec 4886 line array – 8 boxes per side flown
(6) JBL VerTec 4883 subs under the stage.
(2) Crown Itech 12000 HD
(2) Crown Itech 4×3500
(1) Crown Itech 5000 HD
(2) JBL VRX928LA 8″ line array speaker (downfill)
(8) PRX712m Monitors
(2) PRX718 Subs
FOH Console: DIGICO S21
Monitor Console: Midas M32
(3) Beta 98AMP/C
(4) Sennheiser E614
(2) Sennheiser E609
(1) Shure Beta 52A
(1) Shure Beta 91a
(9) Shure SM57
(6) Shure SM58
(2) Shure SM58L/C switched
(8) DI’s
Full array of cables, stands, subsnakes.


(20) LED Profile RGBW w/20-45 degree zoom
(30) 300w RGBWA+UV LED Par
(30) 240w RGBW Cyc Light
(20) 180w RGB COB Light w/barndoors
(14) Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot Moving Light
(1) Reel EFX DF-50 diffusion hazer
Chamsys MagicQ for PC
Chamsys MagicQ Fader Wing
20″ mirror ball
16″ mirror ball

(1) Genie GR-20 Vertical Manlift
(11) Square HiTop Tables
(40) Black cushioned barstools
(150) Black cushioned chairs